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Our accommodation is situated onsite consists of beautiful wood cabins. Cabins are shared between same sex volunteers or couples / families.. Each cabin has an en suite bathroom with a hot water shower. Electrical points are also provided.

The Main Camp has:

Included in this program is breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. If you have any dietary requirements please make us aware prior to your arrival.

Learning outcomes you will gain during this internship

  • Use proper techniques to approach and handle wildlife when appropriate.
  • Learn detailed animal husbandry techniques.
  • Describe the general principles of predator prey relationships and interspecific competition.
  • Understand dietary requirement of organisms and physiological demands during times of environmental stress.
  • Identify common organism and their taxonomy.
  • Maintain exact records of medicine, feeding amounts, and vitals.
  • Understand normal and abnormal behavior in cheetahs as it relates to health and potential to be released.
  • Communicate with local communities and scientists to understand the stakeholder viewpoints which are important to the management decisions.
  • Describe the goals and strategies that wildlife managers employ in Southern Africa to combat poaching.
Activities and skills you will be working on
  • Preparation and delivery of food to cheetah and other wildlife.
  • Participating in physical exams and medical procedures of rhino cheetahs.
  • Maintenance of the rehabilitation center.
  • Using innovate methods to train cheetahs to hunt. 
  • Recording data on animal activity and behavior.
  • Identifying African birds and mammals.
  • Attending lectures about animal husbandry and rewilding techniques.
  • Interacting with local communities. 
  • Tracking previously released cheetahs. 

What's Included

We take care of everything for you

What's Included:

  • 3 Meals Daily
  • WIFI
  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact
  • Work With Local Conservationists
  • Accommodation
  • 2 Airport Transfers
  • Laundry
  • Field Study Abroad T-shirt
  • Hands-on Field Study Internships

Academic Details:

  • 3 credits will be earned for a two week internship.
  • Up to 6 credits could be earned for 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Program Fees include: Housing, Meals, On Site Instruction, Laundry, ​​WIFI, Airport transfer from arrival airport/town.
  • Tuition will be based on total credits chosen by students.