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What courses can I take?

You can sign up for either of these Fisheries and Wildlife courses: 

FW 480 Southern African Wildlife Management Internship
FW 480 Southern African Ecology Internship  

A two-week program would earn 3 credits.  If you do a total of four weeks of interning, you can earn 6 credits.

What do these credits count for?

If you need an internship or an experiential learning course for your degree, the FW 480 courses will count for that requirement.   

If you are in FW, CSUS, or ESS, the FW 480 course would complete your experiential learning requirement. 

If you are in iBio, the hours of this internship program would count toward your total internship hours. 

For other majors, you can ask Dr. Amber Peters or talk to your advisor.

What academic work will I do?

There will be some academic work before you leave to help you prepare for the internship.  During the internship, you will be asked to keep a journal and participate in data collection and other scientific projects each day.  On your return, you will complete a paper or project to synthesize the knowledge you gained during the internship with your overall program of study.  Also, you will give a presentation about your internship. 

For more details, you can see the syllabi for the two courses.

FW 480 v1 syllabus Ecology FINAL

FW 480 v2 syllabus Management

Will I get a grade for this course?

Yes, Dr. Amber Peters will be your instructor of record.  Based on your work and engagement, during your internship, you will earn a grade in the course on the 4.0 scale.